The Inspiration Seller is an awarded web series of the “Sensi Contemporanei – La Sicilia in sala” competition. An initiative promoted and co-financed by the Tourism, Sport and Entertainment Regional Council (Servizio 7 Sicilia Film Commission).

The web series was designed and produced by Melqart Productions and directed by Francesco Murana. The web series was filmed in three months between Erice, Valle del Belice (Gibellina, Salemi, Poggioreale), Calatafimi-Segesta, Marsala and Trapani coast.

An authorial project between innovation and tradition.


The Inspiration Seller is about the journey of a young writer in crisis through Western Sicily. The main character, Lino Macchìsio, is worried about the temporary lack of ideas that paralyzes him and he’s looking for a solution.

An extraordinary event will lead the novelist to the path of a mythological personality, from which the series takes its name.

The whole story, between real and surreal events, obstacles and opportunities, will bring Lino to develop some resilience skills, who’ll take this unexpected hero to wander far and wide, till he’ll end up right in front of himself.

Technical data

Language: ITA, sicilian (Sub ENG)
Country of Production: ITALY
Year: 2019
Duration and number of episodes: 8 episodes – 11/13 min
Genre: Adventure, dramatic, grotesque


Director: Francesco Murana
Screenplay: Giuseppe Lanno, Francesco Murana
Executive production: Giuseppe Zummo
Director of Photography: Dario Baldini
Script Supervisor: Valerio Todaro
Camera operator: Tancredi Bettio
Video Editing: Francesco Murana

Music: Carmelo Graceffa, Angelo Sicurella, Simona Norato, Etna
Sound design: Valerio Scirè
Scenography: Tony Agueci
Costumes: Sara Natale
Make up: Chiara Lombardo
Production secretary: Federica Candiloro.


The web series follows the adventure of Lino Macchìsio, a writer on a journey that will bring him, unexpectedly, to live the magic and the mythological dimension of a territory able to excite for its own culture and tradition.

All the episodes are characterized by the tight dialogues between the many characters that will run into the story. 


Danilo Fodale: Lino Macchisio
Giovanni Basile: Linuccio
Giuseppe Simonte: Nonno Pasquale
Mariapia Pantaleo: Nonna Gioia
Elisa Carà: Elise
Luciano Falletta: Manfredi
Giuseppe Lo Piccolo: Paliddu
Tommaso Malato: Igor
Francesco Torre: Barista
Giuseppe Tarantino: Giusto

Francesco Galuppo: Fango
Giuseppe Messina: Raìs Pinello
Gaspare Balsamo: Barcarolo dello Stagnazzo
Mauro Spitaleri: Patron
Lelio Giannetto: Sosia Almodovar
Isabella Viola: Nina
Elio D’amico: Martino
Francesco Maltese: Michele
Marcella Gianformaggio: Marilù
Carmelo Morreale: Maestro

Who we are

Melqart is the ancient guardian of the Phoenician colonies in Mediterranean Sea. Today, for this young group of professionals, becomes the symbol of a Sicily that wishes to spread the grandeur of its Cultural Heritage.

The commitment to research everyday a challenge with creativity, the well-chosen fusion between artcraft and hyper-technological instruments, the desire to fully satisfy whoever places his trust in us and our competences.

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